Starting a Business in Mexico

Please note that the below has changed and will be updated shortly.

Starting a business in Mexico is a little different than back home. I’ve started up an art gallery called Splurge Art Gallery. I will document my story for the benefit others.

To operate a business, you need an . The best way to go about making sure you get everything you need is to hire a lawyer. I use Sergio Santana in Bucerias. You can contact him by email or phone (329-298-1222 or 322-150-7128). You will not only save yourself alot of headache and running around, but it is important to choose the right type of business to register.

My first step was to do a change of activity on my FM3 to let immigration know that I plan to open up an art gallery. There is a fee for this which is $2,042.00 pesos).

The following steps are required.

Get registered at the Tax Department, get approvals from the Civil Protection Office (you need a fire extinguisher before your inspection, evacuation route signs, no smoking sign, what to do in case of earthquake sign) and approval from the Development Department (fee based on square footage of your business). Finally, after these steps are done, you may apply for a business license.

Again, I can’t stress enough the fact that you should get a reputable lawyer to help you out. Their fees are very reasonable and will make this a whole less frustrating (I heard some great stories of sheer frustration from those who try to do this on their own).

It’s ironic that to get a business license, you need to have a location, stock, working bathroom, signage. You can then start the process and find an accountant to help you pay taxes.

Local laws stipulate that you need to hire Mexicans, but as the owner you can work there. Ask your lawyer about more specific laws.