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Moving to Mexico

As a family, we have decided to simplify our lifestyle and sell many of our things and move to Mexico.


Why move to Mexico? Some retire in Mexico, others simply want a different lifestyle, but for us, it is different. We are doing volunteer work as a family and at the same time spend more time together. Also, as owner of CompuQuest Corporate Services I am able to work remotely using technologies that we implement. Four years in and we are still loving it. The kids call it home and so do we. Living in Mexico has it challenges but many rewards. (Update: We have since returned to Canada but love answering questions!)

Apart from the weather, one of the first things you realize is how hospitable the Mexican people are. I also find it nice to be away from the malls, suburban shopping strip malls and constant advertising that if we don't own it all now, we won't be happy. When you simplify your life and enjoy experiences rather then things, that is how you gain happiness. Pair that with helping the community and you discover that life in Mexico is quite good.

Imagine if you have to retire, and have limited means...in Mexico, your money goes a long way if you are careful.

If you are also Canadians (or Americans) thinking of moving to Mexico, come back often, as I will be posting our findings on how to make this a success. We have learned so much already!

I was very inspired by the following book. A must have to free up time for what is most important.

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